Dear visitor to the new website of Tellus A / Tellus B,

It is a pleasure for us to introduce the new, Open Access Tellus A / Tellus B.

As of 1 January 2012 both Tellus Series (A and B) are published by the Open Access publisher Co-Action Publishing ( The journals are still owned by the International Meteorological Institute in Stockholm (IMI). This is a major step in the development of the journals. We hope that this change will lead to an increased number of submissions of high quality papers and, as a consequence, higher status and higher impact factors. The current (2010) impact factors are 2.21 for Tellus A and 3.34 for Tellus B.

The open access concept implies that all accepted papers will be available within a few weeks free of charge on the web. All previous issues starting from 1949 will also be freely available. From now on there will be no regular paper issues printed and therefore no subscription sales. The possibility of printing hard copies will still remain, e.g. for Special Issues. The review process will remain as it is now but with another manuscript handling system: Open Journal Systems, OJS. The page charge will remain unchanged at Euro 50 per page.

The staffing of the editorial office at the International Meteorological Institute in Stockholm will change such that Tellus A will have three subject editors: Professor Johan Nilsson (Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University, MISU, oceanography), Associate Professor Abdel Hannachi (MISU, dynamic meteorology) and Associate Professor Nils Gustafsson (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, data assimilation). HaraldLejens will remain as Editor-in-Chief for a transition period.

Henning Rodhe will remain as Editor-in-Chief of Tellus B for a transition period,with Associate ProfessorAnnica Ekman (MISU, chemical meteorology) and Professor Kaarle Hämeri (University of Helsinki, aerosols) as subject editors.